Church Community Garden

The area opposite the United Church is an underused area in the heart of the town. The space will be transformed into a church community garden and green space.

About the Church Community Garden

The Church Community Garden will link the heritage centre and the shops, offering a through route encompassing a place for relaxation and well being. Local youth groups are involved in the design, execution and management of the garden project to encourage community partnership and ownership.

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On the north side of the Leiston United Church is an enclosed space that offers a real opportunity for development. At the far end is a wall that separates that area from the Co-op car park. Consequently, the CLT proposes that the wall could be removed. Then the resulting space would be opened up to provide a thoroughfare from the high street to the Co-op car park. This will give greater flexibility to pedestrian users around the town centre and the crossroads.

The CLT have spoken with the congregation and elders at the United Church. They are enthusiastic about the church community garden concept. In addition, the church has its own plans to refurbish and develop the historic church building. This will open up a new space outside the church; it can be equally enjoyed by the congregation and hall users.

Thanks to the enthusiasm, support and input of the town's many diverse groups, including the United Church, The Co-op, CYDS youth club, Platts greengrocers, Coopers, and the Leiston Allotment Association, the church garden project is progressing well.

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