Up and coming projects

Leiston CLT is involved in a number of proposed regeneration projects to drive the development of Leiston town centre. It aims to work with community groups and local stakeholders to bring about positive change for Leiston. Find out more information about our projects below.

Sizewell Beach

The CLT wants to deliver regeneration and development of the town centre. They recognise that Leiston is an urban space and want to ensure that Leiston's unique coastal location near Sizewell beach is utilised as a tourist and recreation destination.

Leiston Market Square

The proposed attractive development will offer a 'pop up' dynamic market place centred around our existing local shops and businesses, providing a focus for the town centre with something for all the Leiston residents and visitors.

Leiston Community Housing

The need and focus of our town centres throughout the country are rapidly changing. They are increasingly becoming more residential. It is the aim of the CLT to encourage and support local people who wish to live in the centre of our town.

Church Community Garden

The area opposite the United Church is an underused area in the heart of the town. It will be transformed into a church community garden and green space linking the heritage centre and the shops.
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