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Leiston CLT works in conjunction with other groups and projects in the locality to deliver change in many areas.

Work with us

The CLT is working with a variety of Leiston businesses and partners to deliver improvements for the town. East Suffolk Council are a key stakeholder as they own much of the property in the Sizewell Road and town area.

People and Places are instrumental in the regeneration of regional high streets and town centres.

The Town Council plays a lead role in many areas. It provides the vision and stability in supporting key amenities such as the Waterloo Centre, the Community Centre and the Film Theatre.

Leiston Together is a change-focused board delivering real improvements to the town. Their topics are broad, but target improvements to economic and social developments.

Leiston's existing retailers are key to the economic prosperity of the town and any future growth. We want to work with all retailers large and small to provide affordable outlets and pop-up opportunities.

Leiston Community Housing
Thanks to the East Suffolk Economic Development Team for this short video
on why shopping local is important to local businesses

We are also working with large retailers such as The Co-op to integrate all shopping experiences into the widespread use of the town and its amenities.

In addition, East Suffolk Council have a Community Partnership Board that encompasses representation from a collection of parishes in the locality. Their purpose is to deliver change for the community.

The aspiration is to encompass key public services such as the Library in the central area of the town. The library service is very receptive to these ideas and opportunities.

For more information about our businesses and partners, or to work with the Leiston CLT, get in touch with us today.

Fundraising Opportunities

The Leiston CLT brings with it new promises and possibility. Fortunately its reputation is growing and the people of Leiston are coming round to the opportunity of a new town centre, and with it, economic prosperity.

We always welcome financial support and you can contribute through a variety of means, for example:

  • direct donations to the Community Land Trust as a one-off payment with or without Gift Aid
  • crowd funding of one of or part of our projects
  • a bequest or grant in a will
  • Or simply by dropping your loose change in our collecting boxes at one of our public facing days
Keep in touch and stay informed
Come and visit us at 22 Sizewell Road, Leiston.

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