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Disclaimer – While the Leiston Community Land Trust (LCLT) does its best to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, the information is provided 'as is' - it is not intended as a source of accurate and legal information. We will do our best to keep the website detail up to date and we expressly disclaim any liability directly or indirectly resulting from the use of, or inability to use our website.

When you visit we collect analytical information to determine the number of site visitors, the pages they look at and the time they spend looking. This information is not used to identify an individual, it is used to help us understand visitor behaviour and develop a website that provides the best possible service.

The downloading of data from our website is done so entirely at the user's own risk. The LCLT will not be responsible for any damage to software or computer systems and any resulting loss of data.

We use cookies and similar tracking technology to improve the functionality of the web browsing experience. We do not use them to identify third party information such as shopping habits. You can instruct your browser to refuse cookies, however it may interfere with the smooth use of portions of our service.

We use fire wall protection to help maintain the security and performance of the website.

The purpose of monitoring the above data is to maintain our website as an efficient service to our users. We will also use the data to help improve our service to users.

Copyright – The media on our website remains the intellectual property of the LCLT and is not provided for copying or reuse. Media on our website and Social Media platforms may not be printed, copied, downloaded, republished, reproduced, modified, or displayed in any way, except for the user's own personal use.

Some images and content may be from a third party and remains the property of the original copyright holder and as such may be covered by other copyright laws and controls.

The use of the LCLT logo requires prior approval.

Links – We provide hyperlinks to key information and other websites. These links are provided for user convenience. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the links or the accuracy of any third party content. We do not necessarily endorse the views or opinions of any third party provider. We advise that you review the privacy policy of every other website you visit.

Our website is hosted by Mackman, you can review their Privacy Policy at -

Visiting our office

We have an office in 22 Sizewell Road that is open to public access on limited hours. For reference purposes we will record the number of visitors. We also ask to record your home location (town) and reason for visiting the office.

Should a follow up action be required this too will be noted for processing by the CLT team. This may require the recording of suitable contact information to ensure a response can be delivered to the enquirer.

If the visit to our office is for business purposes we will record your contact details, reason for visiting, proposed time and date of visiting and host. This is for normal business administration purposes.

For the purposes of accuracy with minute taking we may on occasion make an audio recording of the visit. Participants will be notified of this before recording commences.

For media purposes we do ask visitors to support us in allowing photographs or videos to be taken and used on our social and digital media including news letters or press releases.

Subscribing to our newsletter

We offer our subscribed members a number of benefits, including a newsletter. It is optional for some of our stakeholders and partners to be included on our newsletter circulation list. Our preferred delivery method is via an email address as this reduces costs and saves the environment with respect to printing consumables. For this reason we will ask for a suitable email address. However where requested we will circulate a hard copy by post using a suitable postal address.

This suitable personal contact information will be retained on our spreadsheet database. The database is retained on our cloud based storage associated with our service providers. Your data is retained for our use only, we do not pass on or sell your data to any other body.

Membership of the CLT

The Leiston Community Land Trust is a Community Benefit Society and as such relies on a membership base. In order to manage the business of the organisation it is necessary to retain key information about our members and their areas of interest in the LCLT.

We use your information for the management and operation of the LCLT business, including organisational activities such as calling and communicating AGMs. We also provide members with a newsletter informing updates on LCLT progress and stakeholder engagements.

Members are able to join by completing a simple membership form and making a small financial payment. The details from the form will be uploaded to our database for use with our email and postal circulation systems.

Your rights

We recognise that your data is personal and important to you. We will not share your data with third party organisations or partners without your permission. We do not sell your data to any third party.

It is your data and belongs to you and the law helps to protect it. We will for as long as needed to conduct the business of the LCLT. We will keep you informed if we change how your data is to be used and will delete the data that is not required. You can ask for a copy of the data we hold and at any time.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy you can contact us at  or you can visit the Information Commissioner's Office at

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