Leiston Market Square

The proposed attractive development of Leiston Market Square will offer a 'pop up' dynamic marketplace with a mixture of affordable homes and modern retail units.

About Leiston Market Square

Proposed development will be centred around our existing local shops and businesses, therefore providing a focus for the town centre with something for all the Leiston residents and visitors.

The market square will be a fluid space to be utilised for a variety of purposes. These will support the vibrancy and energy of the wide range of amenities Leiston already enjoys.

Concept drawing of the Square in Leiston, Suffolk
A very loose concept sketch of a market square to give a feel of the proposal

The market square will contain essential public facilities. For example, a 21st century modern library and advice centres, together with shop / hubs which could include units for small start up businesses.

With the help of a grant from the Architectural Heritage Fund we have been able to engage Modece Architects to undertake a feasibility study of the properties that front onto Sizewell Road. They have looked at three schemes, the possible restoration of the properties to their former condition, the repurposing and modernisation of the property by retaining the facade, through to a full site clearance and rebuild. Any future options will require consultation and an appropriate value assessment.

Leiston will benefit from the support of East Suffolk Council, who have appointed a Regeneration Manager to drive the delivery of a Master Plan that will address all the assets of the town and propose an investment proposal that can be used to drive change and growth. The Land Trust are pleased to be working with the Regeneration Manager to shape the Master Plan.

If you would like more information about the proposed Leiston Market Square project, get in touch.

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